17 Spring Photography and Photoshoot Ideas To Try Out

The weather is finally getting warmer and we can’t wait to take our shoots outside. It’s springtime! Spring really is the best time to get out there and take photos. Seeing all the new life popping up around you is amazing, and with a few simple tips, you can capture it in a way that will make it worth it.

Here are some of our favorite spring photoshoots and photography ideas to try out.

1. Spring flowers in a field

This is a classic but that doesn’t make it boring. It’s a great way to capture the essence of spring. In Spring, flowers naturally emerge and you can find them in most public parks. If you live in big cities, you can also find small neighborhood parks to photograph.

If you have kids, you can bring your little ones to interact with the flowers and get really great results.

2. Visit a Tulip field/Tulip festival

If you are lucky to live in a city that has Tulip fields in Spring, you can plan a visit and enjoy an amazing variety of tulips. Sometimes they are small fields in cities but you can have enough to get candid shots or portraits in the middle of them. 

3. Spring flower crowns

To put it simply, a flower crown is an accessory you drape over your head after arranging your hair in an updo. It gives the illusion that your hair has been transformed into the ornate petals of flowers. 

There are endless ways to style the flowers, from loose and free to structured and sophisticated. The sheer variety in patterns and styles makes it easy to create an amazing shoot with a simple flower crown.

Take advantage of spring’s surprise arrival by dressing up in an all-flower ensemble. When it comes time for photos, feel free to experiment with different looks where you have fun with the idea of being a floral god or goddess. 

4. Outdoor spring picnic 

A spring picnic is a great excuse to get outside and enjoy the warmer weather with friends. And, by definition, a picnic is a perfect photoshoot.

  • Time your shot right. The best time of day for outdoor shots is in the early morning or late afternoon/early evening when natural light is at its most beautiful and least harsh.
  • Choose your spot wisely. Consider heading to the beach or another location that has a lot of natural beauty surrounding you. In addition to a gorgeous setting, you’ll have plenty of opportunities for framing you and your friends with interesting shots that can serve as captions for your images (e.g., “long walks on the beach”).

5. Spring flowers in a basket

Spring flowers in a basket or vase are an easy way to style your shoot. They’ll add a little pop of color and give it a springtime vibe. If your model needs a prop for the shoot, use a basket or bouquet of spring flowers for him or her to hold.

6. Go strawberry picking in the fields

Strawberry farms are all over, you should find them. You can look upon the internet for some farms in your area to find farms that let you pick your own strawberries. 

Once you find a farm that works, check with them if they’ll allow a photoshoot on their property and if they have any special rules about this (some farmers only allow professional photographers). Once they give permission, show up with your camera ready!

It’s more interesting to shoot in early in the morning or late in the afternoon when the sunlight is soft and indirect.

7. A day at the zoo.

Zoos give an opportunity to capture rare moments with animals. Try to capture the whole experience of the zoo with your camera. It can take patience to get action but it’s achievable. 

Zoos are also great places to try out abstract photography: you can often find abstract patterns in flowers or in the shapes of sculptures, which can give your photos some depth.

8. Waterfalls photography

Waterfalls are a beautiful subject for photography, and there’s no better time than spring to photograph them. However, you’ll need the right gear, the proper technique, and a bit of creativity to get the perfect shot. 

For better shots of waterfalls, bring a tripod for slow shutter speeds to capture silky smooth water. You can also use a neutral density filter on your lens. This will allow you to extend exposure time without overexposing your images when using longer shutter speeds during daytime conditions with plenty of light. 

9. Visit a botanical garden

Botanical gardens are full of beautiful trees and flowers and perfect for a casual photo shoot. Plan your visit ahead and get to know which side of the garden gets the light first and last each day (this can make a real difference when trying to shoot in low light or sunsets)

10. Family picnic in the park

Family picnic photos are fun during the spring season. Everyone is ready to get out and enjoy the warmer temperature. To get more photo moments, remember to:

  • Bring a picnic blanket.
  • Pack a basket full of food and drinks.
  • Bring bubble machines (if you have kids)
  • Play some games together.

11. Capture sunsets and Sunrise for warm colors 

The warm colors of the setting sun (gold, orange, red) are beautiful and look great in photos. Also, the low angle of the sun will create long shadows that you can use creatively in your photo composition. But make sure it is not so bright that people are squinting and uncomfortable or so dark that they can’t be seen.

12. Go through a nature trail

You can’t phantom the beauty of a trail in a forest or park. Since this is in nature, it might be important to bring you wide-angle lens with you to capture a wide scenery.

As you explore nature, try different angles and distances when taking pictures. You don’t always have to stick with one angle because there may be other vantage points that provide better results.

13. Spring in the City

If nature isn’t your thing, try a city setting instead! With colorful buildings and cute side streets, it’s easy to get that perfect downtown shot. Capture the beautiful architecture around you (like churches or buildings)

14. Rainy day / Umbrella photos in the rain

The rain is a photographer’s best friend. It can provide some of the most interesting and unique photos you’ll ever take. Whether you’re out in the city or in the countryside, photographing in the rain can be a challenge but also rewarding.

15. Macro Floral Photos

With Spring you will have a lot of opportunities to shoot macro with flowers, giving you some beautiful shots with beautiful blurry green natural backgrounds.

If you’re taking pictures of flowers up close, why not try shooting them from below so their petals look like they’re falling down?

You can also find other occasions for capturing insects such as honey bees on top of flowers and more…

16. Cherry Blossoms

If you live in a country where there are cherry blossoms, you know that Spring is synonymous with the bloom of the cherry blossoms. These trees are so beautiful and are basically like big tree flowers and are great for photoshoots.

17. Birds 

Birds start to come out during Spring, and since flowers are blooming, they are also birding on flowers. It’s a great occasion to take their shots.

Spring photography ideas: Conclusion

With the spring season in full swing, photographers have a lot of opportunities to capture colorful photos of nature. There are many different kinds of subjects that may be available depending on where you are, including human smiles, flowers, and other plants, birds, animals, insects, and butterflies. Make sure to have your camera ready when the first sign of blooming flowers appears in your area! Enjoy the season!