12 Photoshoot Ideas For Beautiful Family Photos Of Spring

Spring is coming, you should get prepared to enjoy the flourishing green nature with your family. And why not plan a photoshoot and take beautiful photos with the first flowers of the season, and beautiful fresh weather.

The following twelve photoshoot ideas will be suited for a family planning to do a photoshoot in nature. Why would you keep yourself indoors when it’s more fun and beautiful outside.

1. Holding high balloons 

Balloons are good props for kids’ photography. Let the kids hold them up and walk or run with them in their hands. This can get you beautiful pictures.

2. Blowing dandelions 

Spring has a lot of dandelions, especially in the middle of the season. Let the kids blow them and capture those moments. It can be particularly beautiful during golden hours.

3. Sitting in nature

If you are in an urban park, there are definitely some chairs or if you are in a park, just sit down for a family portrait. Relax with your wife and kids sitting between both of you and have a classic group photo.

4. Use flower Crowns

Spring means there are flowers and when there are flowers, you can collect them and make flower crowns for the little princes and princesses. 

Additionally, you can give the kids assignments to make them and take photos while they craft their own crowns.

5. Laying down in flowers 

Use a picnic blanket or simply find a clean green spot and lay down and take photos from above. You will need a wide-angle lens to capture this since you will be close to your subject from above. Unless of course, you use a drone, that’s another possibility.

6. Playing games together

Bring games if you can. The more fun kids get the more the photoshoot will go well. Kids get easily annoyed during photoshoots. 

You need to get their attention and make the environment playful. While they are playing you will have endless occasions to capture their joyful moments. 

7. Photos while sharing a meal

Bring snacks and fruits. Kids can get hungry at any moment( not yours? 😂) or can pretend to be hungry just to go back home. 

So while they are eating, snap those precious moments. Propose them to feed each other to get the service side of the moment.

8. Talking with parents

Engage them in a conversation or tell them a story, or even better ask them to tell you one; pay attention to what they have to share and take those attentive moments in pictures.

9. Blowing bubbles photos 

Get bubbles bubbling. Kids love bubbles, they will be handy to have them busy while taking those fun pictures. The focus is not on the bubbles but on kids playing with them.

10. Smelling flowers

Kids love exploring things, and nothing is more natural and refreshing than letting them observe flowers and smell them. As they make those contacts, make sure to capture those experiences and moments. Depending on where you choose, kids might be the first time they interact with the kind of flowers they see.

11. Bring hobbies to your photoshoot

Bring your hobbies ideas to share them on a photoshoot set. If your kids love playing music, bring their portable instruments. Or if they love reading, bring their books and let them read stories together as you capture the moments. Remember, the idea is to have them busy and calm as you take care of the creative part.

12. Walking together

Don’t forget to walk hand in hand. If you choose a park for a photoshoot you can find a pleasing place under trees or on a path in a park. You can choose to take a front or a back photo.

Spring photoshoot ideas: Conclusion

Try some of these ideas and go have fun! You can add more creativity as you want to get your unique touch.

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Happy Spring season!