17 Must-Have Simple Shots for a Family Photoshoot

Finding a variety of shots to take during a family photoshoot can be challenging. And sometimes you can just forget some of the most important shots. 

family portrait
By Mikhail Nilov

In this article, I will list 17 different posing shots that are important to take for family photoshoots and anything creative can be included afterward. 

1. Standing picture of an entire family full and cut top

You want to take a full picture of the entire family but also a close-up cut-top picture to show more details.

2. Walking shots 

You can tell the family members to walk freely or hold hands. This shot can be taken from the front or behind. These shots can also be a great way to capture natural and candid moments of the family.

3. Running shots 

Tell the kids to run and let the parents try to catch them. This creates authentic pictures giving you a variety of shots to choose from. 

4. Kids running toward parents

Get the shots of kids running toward their parents. After they reach the parents they may give them hugs, make sure you capture that moment as well. Alternatively, tell the kids to run toward the photographer even better running while holding hands.

5. Hugging

Let the family be affectionate with each other with hugs. They can be standing or sitting on the ground. You can have a variety of shots; kids hugging each other, kids hugging parents, or even a group hug.

6. Sitting on the ground

Choose a clean comfortable spot and have a shot of the entire family sitting on the ground. You can have different shots, relaxed ones looking into the camera or kids and parents talking to each other.

7. Sitting on the laps

While on the ground, let the kids sit on the lap of their parents. It can be a good shot reflecting closeness within the family.

8. Parents holding kids

This can be taken while sitting or standing. But it all depends on their age. These shots can create a sense of security and comfort.

9. Parents lifting kids or bouncing them up in the air

Play with kids by lifting them up. Depending on their age, this can be playful and give beautiful images.

10. Kids on parents’ shoulders

You can create different varieties of such photos by keeping one kid on the ground but holding his hand and the little one on the shoulders. 

11. Parents kissing the kids

Let the parents kiss their kids either on chicks or the forefront.

12. Groupings: Mom and kids

Give mom and kids room for their bonding, and take as many photos as you want. Propose them to break the posing rules.

13. Dad and kids

Capture moments of dad and kids having fun together. Dad and Kids shots can capture the fun and playfulness between fathers and children. They can also show the unique relationships between family members.

14. Dad and mom

Take pictures of the parents together. ad and Mom shots can create a sense of unity and harmony within the family. They can also show love and affection between spouses.

15. Kids only

Take group pictures of the kids.

16. Kids individually

Take individual pictures of each kid. Individual shots of each child can create a sense of individuality and uniqueness. They can also show the special qualities and talents of each child.

17. Spinning around

Spinning shots can create fun and playful pictures that show the energy and enthusiasm of the family. They can also capture the joy and excitement of children.


Remember to have fun and capture the unique moments that make your family special. Be creative and don’t be afraid to experiment with different poses and angles. With these posing shots, you can create timeless family photos that will be treasured for years to come.

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