27 Amazing Maternity Photoshoot Ideas To Remember This Special Time

Hello there, fellow soon-to-be moms and proud dads-to-be!

Are you ready to capture one of the most special moments in your life? That’s right, we’re talking about maternity photoshoots! As you prepare for your little bundle of joy’s arrival, there’s no better way to document this momentous occasion than with some stunning photos that you can look back on for years to come.

Whether you’re a first-time mom or a seasoned pro, deciding on the perfect maternity photoshoot ideas can be a daunting task. With so many options out there, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and unsure of where to start. But fear not! We’ve got you covered with some creative and unique ideas that will make your photoshoot truly one-of-a-kind.

Here are maternity photoshoot ideas you can try :

I. Outdoor Maternity Photoshoot Ideas

Idea 1: Nature-inspired photoshoot in a forest or park

A nature-inspired maternity photoshoot is a great way to create beautiful, lasting memories of expecting parents during this special time in their lives.

Photographing the happy couple in a picturesque forest or park setting can provide them with stunning, unique photos that capture the beauty and emotion of their pregnancy journey.

The organic colors, natural light, and lush landscapes of the outdoors provide an ideal backdrop for capturing genuine moments of joy between the two soon-to-be parents.

Idea 2: Beach photoshoot with the ocean as the backdrop

If you live near a lake or ocean, a beach maternity photo shoot is a special way you can capture the beauty of your pregnancy. With the ocean as its backdrop, you get the perfect combination of nature and femininity.

The rolling waves create a soothing atmosphere that is sure to be captured through your photos. The sun’s glow reflecting off the sand and water will give your images a timeless feel that you can enjoy forever.

Idea 3: Urban photoshoot in a city setting

No park nearby? no problem, Urban maternity photoshoot can also be beautiful. Set in an exciting cityscape, the photo session will create stunning images that reflect the powerful emotions associated with this experience.

The backdrop of tall skyscrapers and bustling streets will provide an interesting contrast to the intimacy and vulnerability of the couples embrace. With its modern architecture, vibrant colors, and street styles, an urban maternity photoshoot can offer beautiful memories for years to come.

Idea 4: Field or meadow maternity photoshoot

Field and meadow maternity photoshoots are a new and increasingly popular way to take pregnancy photos. They offer an opportunity for expecting parents to have photographs taken in a natural outdoor setting, showcasing the beauty of nature as well as the beauty of motherhood.

Field and meadow maternity photoshoots typically involve shooting in wide open spaces with little interference from man-made structures or other elements. The end result is a collection of stunning pictures that will be treasured for years to come.

Idea 5: Garden photoshoot with flowers and greenery

Pregnant mothers can make their special moment even more magical by surrounding themselves with the natural beauty of flowers and greenery. A garden maternity photoshoot offers a unique and beautiful way to document such a special moment.

Whether outdoors in a garden or indoors in a studio, incorporating colorful blooms into the photoshoot will add an extra touch of whimsy and romance.

II. Indoor Maternity Photoshoot Ideas

Idea 6: Studio photoshoot with professional lighting

A maternity Studio photoshoot with professional lighting and background is a great way to get high-quality photos of your pregnancy. Capture the beauty of the special time in your life forever by having a maternity photoshoot at a professional studio with expert lighting and custom-built backgrounds.

With the help of an experienced photographer, you can have fun posing and feeling beautiful as you capture timeless pictures that will last a lifetime.

Idea 7: At-home photoshoot in a cozy and intimate setting

A maternity photo at home photoshoot offers expecting mothers the opportunity to document this special time in their lives without the hassle of having to travel. The cozy and intimate setting of their own home can provide a wonderful backdrop that allows them to feel relaxed and comfortable while they are being photographed.

They can also have more control over how the shoot is styled, adding their own personal touches or incorporating sentimental items into the images.

During the session, the photographer will capture natural poses and interactions between family members to create beautiful portraits that will be cherished for years to come.

Idea 8: Bathtub photoshoot with bubbles and candlelight

A bathtub maternity photoshoot is a unique and incredibly beautiful way to capture and celebrate the incredible journey of pregnancy. It’s an intimate, romantic, and relaxing atmosphere that allows mothers-to-be the opportunity to truly connect with their growing baby in a special moment.

Bathtube maternity photo
By Abbey Chapman

During the photoshoot, a bathtub is often filled with warm water and scented bubbles, while soothing candlelight sets a peaceful and inviting atmosphere. The photographer captures the special moment while completely respecting the mother-to-be’s privacy.

Idea 9: Bedroom photoshoot with soft, natural light

A bedroom maternity photoshoot is a simple yet intimate way to capture the reality of your pregnancy. With soft, natural light streaming in from the windows, you can create beautiful photographs that portray you in your most intimate place in the house.

The wide array of poses and angles that you can achieve in the comfort of your own home creates a more intimate experience for both mother and photographer.

Whether you choose to shoot against a bare wall or incorporate elements such as furniture and flower garlands, these shoots make for beautiful keepsakes that celebrate this special period in your life.

Idea 10: Living room photoshoot with a fireplace or bookshelf as the backdrop

A maternity photoshoot in the living room is an opportunity to showcase both your changing body, as well as any decorations or items that symbolize this unique time in your life.

A fireplace or bookshelf makes for a classic backdrop and creates a cozy atmosphere, setting the stage for beautiful and meaningful photos that you’ll cherish forever.

From natural light to warm tones and subtle textures, there are so many creative ways to photograph your expecting figure in the comfort of your own home.

Whether focusing on cascading curves or delicate details, these intimate images will be a reminder of the beauty within you and all around you during this lovely adventure.

III. Creative Maternity Photoshoot Ideas

Idea 11: Dresses up in elegant and sophisticated attire

When preparing for a maternity photoshoot, be sure to choose elegant and sophisticated attire that complements your body and highlights your baby bump.

Soft materials such as silk and chiffon are perfect choices as they drape across the body gracefully while also accentuating your unique form.

To further enhance the look, pick out accessories such as simple jewelry pieces or headbands that will catch the eye and bring attention to your baby bump.

Idea 12: Pregnancy announcement photoshoot with props

A pregnancy announcement photoshoot is a great way to share the news of your upcoming bundle of joy. Props can add an extra special touch to the photos that are taken, making them even more memorable.

They can be as creative or whimsical as you want – from a simple chalkboard with the due date, to onesies with fun messages, to intricate displays with candles, balloons and banners that are personalized for your family.

When used in conjunction with poses like belly rubs, father holding baby bump and couples holding hands around the stomach, these props create beautiful images that will be cherished for years to come.

Pregnancy announcement photoshoots take things up a notch and guarantee beautiful memories to last a lifetime!

Idea 13: Family photoshoot with partner and other children

Maternity photos with a family are always a great idea, parents can capture those special moments with their partner and other children.

Pregnant woman with husband and daughter

During the session, it is important to focus on capturing the tenderness between expectant parents as well as the connections between all members of the family.

It can also be fun for siblings to be included in creative poses that highlight their relationship with each other, such as holding hands or looking lovingly at each other.

Idea 14: Black and white photoshoot for a timeless look

A black and white maternity photoshoot is a classy and elegant way to commemorate a special moment in your life. The monochromatic look of the images helps to create a timeless look that will be enjoyed for years to come. 

The photographer will work with you to capture all of the special moments, from sweet kisses and cuddles to unique poses that show off your baby bump. 

Not only will these photographs last forever, but they can also make a wonderful gift for family members or friends who have been there for you along this journey. 

Black and white images are also perfect for decorating any nursery or home space. Why not turn those beautiful memories into artistry?

Idea 15: Incorporate meaningful items such as ultrasound photos, baby’s shoes, etc.

Incorporating meaningful items into your maternity photoshoot can enhance the overall experience and bring a special touch to the photos. 

Ultrasound photos can add a personal and sentimental touch to the shoot, while baby’s shoes are a great memento that captures the anticipation and excitement of welcoming a new life into the world. 

Other meaningful items could include toys, blankets, or items that have sentimental value such as family heirlooms or hand-made decorations. The possibilities are endless – it is up to you to choose what will make each shot unforgettable.

If you are looking for other props ideas, check our article Simple Pregnancy Photoshoot Props Ideas to Make Your Photos Stand Out

IV. Couples Maternity Photoshoot Ideas

Idea 16: Couples photoshoot in a romantic setting

A couple’s maternity photo shoot is a unique and special way to celebrate the upcoming arrival of their new baby. 

Typically, these sessions take place in a romantic setting such as a park, beach, or garden. The photos typically feature both parents with the soon-to-be mom cradling her beautiful baby bump. 

Props can be used to capture important milestones such as the height of the pregnancy, gender reveal, due date announcement, etc. 

Adding personal touches like sentimental items, special locations, and an outfit change can make your session even more memorable. Couples maternity shoots are a beautiful way to honor and commemorate this life-changing experience together!

Idea 17: Outdoor couples photoshoot in nature

Amidst lush greenery and peaceful landscapes, couples can capture their love for one another as they await the arrival of their new bundle of joy. 

With stunning backdrops, unique locations, and plenty of room to move around, the perfect location for an outdoor couples maternity shoot is just waiting to be discovered. 

Idea 18: Indoor couples photoshoot in cozy and intimate setting

During an indoor photoshoot, expectant parents can enjoy the warmth and comfort of their own home, or a cozy studio setting.

Photographers specializing in couples maternity photography will create an intimate atmosphere, allowing the couple to express their love for each other during this special time in their lives. 

The photographer may focus on traditional poses such as side-by-side shots, while also capturing more candid moments that reflect what a pregnancy journey looks like. 

Soft lighting and backdrops will further create a warm and inviting atmosphere for both parents to feel comfortable in the space. This can make for truly beautiful memories that the couple can cherish forever.

Idea 19: Creative couples photoshoot with props or costumes

Taking pictures of you and your partner embracing each other’s love, can create lasting memories that will last beyond the duration of your pregnancy. 

To make the experience even more unique and special, consider adding props or costumes to your photoshoot! Props like balloons, signs or decorations, paired with some fun costumes, can add a fun and unique flair to your photos, while still representing the beautiful connection you share as a couple. 

Idea 20: Couples photoshoot with partner’s hands on the belly

The focus of the photoshoot should be on the couple, with the partner’s hands cradling or resting on the belly for a more intimate feel. This is a classic pose that both partners can feel comfortable with and will look beautiful in photographs. 

The partner’s hands, gentle and loving on the expectant mother’s belly, tells its own story about two people sharing this wonderful journey together. 

V. Fun Maternity Photoshoot Ideas

Idea 21: Photoshoot with baby’s future toys

This can be done before or after the baby arrives, depending on the parent’s preferences. Before the baby arrives, parents can select their favorite toys and set them up in an area where the photoshoot will take place. 

Parents should keep their chosen theme in mind when selecting toys. They may opt for traditional ones, like stuffed animals and wooden blocks, or go for something modern, such as electronic gadgets and interactive activities. 

Depending on their vision for the photo session, parents can use items from around the home to create an interesting backdrop and props for the photos. 

Once everything is set up and ready to go, parents can take individual shots of each toy or group them together and snap away! This will make for an unforgettable moment.

Idea 22: Photoshoot with baby’s future books

A maternity photoshoot with baby’s future books can be a great way to create a special keepsake to look back on. 

Choose some of your favorite books or even pick out ones that will be meaningful for your child in the future. You could include books that you read during your pregnancy, children’s classics, stories from cultures around the world, or even books written by family members. 

You don’t need any professional equipment to have a stunning photoshoot simply use natural light, an interesting backdrop and props such as blankets and stuffed animals to create an inviting atmosphere. 

Idea 23: Photoshoot with baby’s future clothes

This type of photo shoot is becoming increasingly popular, as it not only allows you to document your pregnancy but also lets you look back on the plans and dreams for your baby. 

At the photo shoot you can carefully choose outfits for your baby-to-be, from traditional or modern looks, or even something that expresses your own personal style. 

The selection of clothing can represent the identity of your little one before they even arrive – so it’s a great way to share in the joy of expecting a child. The photos serve as a reminder that there are no two pregnancies that are exactly alike and that each mother should celebrate her individual journey towards motherhood.

Idea 24: Photoshoot with baby’s future nursery items

During this photoshoot, you can include any items that you plan to use in the nursery, such as cribs, rocking chairs, stuffed animals and more.

You’ll be able to take pictures of your beautiful bump with the furniture and accessories that are meant for your baby’s own special place.

Idea 25: Photoshoot with baby’s future stuffed animals

A creative twist on maternity photoshoots is featuring baby’s future stuffed animals. These photos capture the joy and excitement of a soon-to-be mother and her little one. Each stuffed animal can represent characteristics or key elements of the family’s story, carefully chosen to portray the emotions in a special way.

The photographer will guide the mother through poses, activities, and locations that create stunning photographs filled with emotion, with the stuffed animals by her side. 

From hugging the animals during poses to holding them up against beautiful scenery, these photos are a unique and fun way to capture the special bond between mother and child.

VI. Emotional Maternity Photoshoot Ideas

Idea 26: Photoshoot that captures the emotions of the expecting mother

A professional photographer can take stunning photos that capture the beauty and joy on an expecting mother’s face. They are also able to capture candid moments that tell a unique story about this special time in life. 

During a maternity photoshoot, the photographer can take pictures of not just the mother-to-be, but also other family members such as partners or siblings. Through these images, it is possible to create beautiful keepsakes that will be cherished for years to come.

Idea 27: Photoshoot that captures the bond between the mother and the baby

These powerful and personal photoshoots help to immortalize the special bond that exists between them, as well as create beautiful memories to cherish forever. 

During the shoot, a professional photographer will be able to help you express your love and anticipation for your new child through your poses and expressions. 

With gentle guidance, the photographer can help you capture these moments of joy during this precious time in a stunning way. 


Taking maternity photos is an important way to create lasting memories and document the beautiful experience of pregnancy. These photos capture the anticipation and excitement of expecting parents and offer a way for family and friends to share in the experience.

Whether taken outdoors or indoors, in a natural setting or a professional studio, there are many options for maternity photoshoots that can create stunning and unique images.