12 Beautiful Birthday Photoshoot Ideas to Try Out

Is your birthday or your beloved one’s around the corner? A photoshoot can help you capture this important moment whatever your age is. There are a lot of fun ways to take photos of birthdays. Below are some fun birthday photo ideas to get you inspired:

1. Age numbers

What has more significance than the age someone has reached? Be creative with age numbers balloons or simply number signs but let the person feel and be proud of their new age milestone.

2. Balloons

Balloons can be used in many ways, either decorated on a wall or simply laid down around the gifts. It can also be interesting to take pictures of the person in the middle of balloons if they are just on the floor, especially if they are young, they can enjoy it.

3. Flower crown with a glass of wine

Play it glamorous, and find a flowering crown to wear or simply a flower in your hair and toast with a glass of wine.

4. Eating cake

Don’t miss the cutting and eating of the cake (Obviously). However it’s served, document the moments of savoring it. Don’t forget to take a clear photo of its design and whatever is written on it.  

5. Friends with glasses in hands

Toast to the birthday boy/girl and raise your glass for the occasion. This can be a beautiful shot if you try creative angles of the shot. For example, you can ask them to bring forward the glasses and you can focus on the glasses instead of their faces. Of course, you would need another shot with their faces clearly focused.

6. Showing off the gifts

Ask the person to show off the gifts either holding them or taking some shots when they are opening them. Capture every emotion as they discover their gifts.

7. Smelling bouquets

If they were flowers given, you can ask them to smell them and capture those moments. Or even better, make sure you don’t miss the giving moment and capture the authentic reaction as they receive them.

8. Sitting in the middle of balloons

Are the balloons hanging or on the ground? If there are enough balloons on the ground, ask the birthday person to sit in the middle of them and throw some in the air. If they are still young it should be an easy demand.

9. Blowing confetti

Try using confetti as props. They can be fun to play with and add a little bit of color to the setting. 

10. Seating with a glass

Don’t forget to take a relaxed photo of the birthday person enjoying the moment with a glass of a drink.

11. Pop a champagne

If there is a bottle of champagne, make sure to capture the opening of the bottle. You can also focus on details and take a close shot of when they pour the champagne into glasses.

12. Go on an adventure

You don’t need to do it small or indoors. Go adventurous! If there is a cruise ship around you can book and celebrate it on a boat on a summer afternoon!


I hope you got inspired and will try some of these birthday photoshoot ideas. Remember to enjoy yourself on your day. It is important to focus on your happiness and use photography as a means to freeze the moments and not as a distraction.