12 Beautiful Beach Photoshoot Ideas to Try Out

The beach offers plenty of beauty and opportunities to capture them. If you are looking for inspirational ideas to maximize your beach photoshoot session; here are 12 beach photoshoot ideas to try out and get gorgeous results.

1.    Run towards the waters

You came for the water and the view, nothing stops you from enjoying it. Run towards the waters or along the shore. This can give you beautiful shots, especially during sunsets or sunrise.

2.    Play with sand

There are a lot of things you can do with sand, including building houses in the sand, having fun playing with it, and taking shots of your creativity.

3.    Feet in water

Take a picture of your legs in the water but focus on your feet. It would be more interesting if the water is clear and you can see through it and have a view of the different corals or small stones in the water.

4.    Seating in the sand

Make yourself comfortable and pose in the sand and capture the real environment of the beach.

5. Holding hands and getting into the water 

If you have a partner or children, hold hands and walk towards the waters, this gives the sense of embracing the adventure. You can also run along the water shores playing together.

6.    Play with shadows

If there are trees or big leaves near the beach, play with shadows and be creative. Some leaves can create dramatic shadows on your face.

7.    Hats

Put on your hat and sunglasses and enjoy the view of the beach peacefully. For such photos, you can take from the back and have a big viewpoint on the hat, or from the front and have the face and the hat’s shadow in perspective. To you the creativity…

8.    Reading

Yes, the beach view is beautiful but have you ever read a good book with the sound of water on the shore?

This can be a candid moment and a beautiful moment to capture. 

9.  Picnic mat

If you brought a picnic mat and food or drinks, they can be good props to capture. Beach life is a good life and good life involves food and drinks 🙂

10.   Holding drinks

Hold drinks up for a toast. It can be during sunset and holding glasses blocking sun rays, be creative and you will find beautiful shots.

11. Silhouette under sunset

Try silhouette shots during the sunset. Good challenge and very rewarding.

12.  Watching sunset

Take a walk along the shores as you enjoy the sunset. If you are sitting, lay on your back with support on your elbows and watch the sunset as the photographer shoots from behind or from the side. Don’t forget to enjoy the moment.


There is something special about beaches, the feeling of being at the beach brings joy and excitement that needs to be photographed. Try to be creative and break the boundaries.

I hope these ideas inspired you and you got motivated to try new things. Happy shooting!